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Welcome to the Genealogical Development Log. I will use this log to post new developments in our family's research.

Log started 16 July, 2004

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28 September, 2012 - I have a huge backlog of data to put up on the site. It will be a slow trickle.

30 June, 2010 - Went through piles of paperwork, imaging photos, documents, bibles, tax records and more.
These items will be showing up on the site eventually for Loos, Steele, Burton, Jenkins, Lewis families and more.

31 July, 2009 - I have over 6 dozen images for Christopher Steele's / Sarah Herrington's civil
war pension and CMSR records. My father and I recently visited National Archives in Washington, DC.
Images will be forthcoming, but important information gleaned from documents included:
Children of Christopher and Sarah Steele's birthdates; marriage date and location of Christopher and Sarah;
The fact the marriage record burned in fire; affidavits from family members including
brothers and sisters of Christopher; Sarah's birth location given as Giles County, Georgia
(Though no Giles County exists in Georgia); Christopher C. Steele was first in the Confederate Army, was captured
by the Union and eventually joined up with the Union Army. With this information I was
able to obtain CMSR records for Chris' involvement in the Confederacy as well as his
Prisoner records which I will post.

11 February, 2009 - Hundreds of chancery court recs found for Virginia. Initial findings
exclude Mary Pence as mother of Phebe Shafer! Her mother was Christina Hileman, second wife of John Shafer.
Removing Pence page. FYI there are literally hundreds and hundreds of court docs.

23 January, 2009 - With newly-updated subscriptions to several databases (funded by generous donations), many
new updates coming including new family pages and more great stories!

13 June, 2008 - Huge Imbleau discovery...going back to France. Finally! This has uncovered
dozens more surnames, most originating in France and spreading throughout Canada..
Last week uncovered Kozik immigration to US from Poland.

11 February, 2008 - Been very busy of late scanning and obtaining new information from ALL kind of fronts.
You should see an eclectic group of documents coming soon, including tons of California Voter Registration Lists.

8 January, 2008 - As of yesterday I started uploading/updating all the new documents on the site. Crazy amount but the hard work is over...well almost.
After updating is complete (probably by today), will also upload Mr. Lewis' information, continue scavenging for early deed/land/other records and also begin scanning some old Lewis and Stallings photographs
I have borrowed from Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis (Jess' 94 year old grandmom).

20 December, 2007 - Have only a handful of documents left to transcribe, plus some great new will documents I uncovered recently.
There are well over 200 documents I'm about to UNLEASH - just over 78MB of data - sick.

16 November, 2007 - Still working on the documents. Not close to being done but making a dent. Also many new pictures/tree updates.

20 August, 2007 - Hundreds of documents to be put online - seriously. I'm waiting until I've fetched all of them. Mostly MD families but others as well.

7 June, 2007 - Starting Native American mtDNA project. Charles McCall located definitively in 1875 in MN living with son Cormack.

3 November, 2006 - Below ordering has given a lot of new clues along with a new surname - Mahon from Ireland!

19 October, 2006 - Ordering of many McCall & Riley Birth/Marriage/Death certs from England.

6 October, 2006 - Massive Ordering of Death Certs (12) for Jessica's side, 2 rec. so far

2 October, 2006 - new Harrison family found!

21 December, 2005 - I have spearheaded an effort to obtain many of our lines' DNA coding.
In order to do this, I have become Administrator of these Projects: Jenkins, Loos, Haywood, and Hollister.
So far we have both Jenkins and Hollister DNA makeups.
Major Sewell breakthru! Found Edward H. Sewell's parentage in Talbot County, Maryland!

26 October, 2005 - Great McCall info - Charles McCall, wife, and kids all found in 1851 in England. Also, Reiley parents found! Documents posted.

25 October, 2005 - New information leads to discovery explosion in Rice family - back to 1600's in Virginia.

15 July, 2005 - A hunch (which took me about 12 complete hours to follow through!) has led to the
discovery of the Brown family! This is Laura Ann Brown's parents.
Laura Ann is the wife of Peter P. Martin. Other surnames (because of this) 'unearthed' are Gleason and Carheart.
New family page to come next week.

1 July, 2005 - Marriage documents uncover new Rice family, Hayes family, many new ancestors!

16 June, 2005 - Something fishy is going on in the Rust family. Elizabeth F.'s father is listed
as unknown in her first marriage and both parents are "omited for good cause" in her second marriage.
A challenge you say? Bring it.

1 June, 2005 - Hayden marriage document unearths new family - Rust

18 May, 2005 - Fairly certain of Fitzpatrick "intertwining" in tree. Basically 2 of our ancestors are Fitzpatrick brothers.
Also, Haywood family traced. They seemed to shadow 1 branch of the Fitzpatrick family from VA > KY > TN. Soon to obtain photo of Old Jenkins/Shafer place in Rockbridge County, Virginia!

9 May, 2005 - Discovered new Hayden lines, Thrift, Davis, Hammond, & tons more - some back to the 1500's. Also Viking origins cited!

6 May, 2005 - Reply from GENFORUM posting cracks Headley mystery!

2 May, 2005 - Death Register confirms Forrester relations!

21 April, 2005 - Forrester family tree discovered!

29 March, 2005 - Currently awaiting major Edwards discovery, more great info on Joshua D. Hall's trouble with the law,
many Hollister death certificates, Hayden family / new family discovery on horizon (hopefully!)
McCall newspaper articles - Thomas McCall's daring rescue!, 58 Kaiser medical documents.
WHO NEEDS TV - EXCITING STUFF. BTW, please send money :)

21 March, 2005 - naturalization records for McCall reaped unexpected benefits - new McCall brother discovered!

3 March, 2005 - Soon to come - naturalization records on the McCall, Imbleau, and Portugue families. Also more Shafer deed records.

20 December, 2004 - Esther Pennington (AKA Shafer) wrote to me and informed me Bob Gilbert spoke with her about my questions.
Oddly enough, Esther and I already correspond and she let me know she used to live in the Old Shafer Place,
the same house where the Jenkins family lived. Photos are coming!.

10 December, 2004 - With the help of the Shafer book and Bob Gilbert in Natural Bridge, Virginia
Not to mention Sandy Sheppard, the Old Jenkins house/farm was found to be at 156 Fernlea Lane, Natural Bridge, Rockbridge County, Virginia.
This location was the old residence of Jack Shafer who recently passed. The location is known as the "Old Shafer Place".
Photos will be forthcoming.

3 December, 2004 - Found extensive Welch line on my wife's side of the family living in Northumberland County, Virginia

19 November, 2004 - Found extensive Sampson line on my wife's side of the family living in Northumberland County, Virginia

23 September, 2004 - We have an exact 37-Marker DNA Match for the Jenkins family - more to come. This is a major breakthrough!

14 September, 2004 - Huge discovery on Martin family. Peter Martin's roots traced back to Hendrick Martin from Holland
who came to the United States in 1727, settling in Red Hook, New York..

8 September, 2004 - I've done A TON of research and webpage updates recently...filling in a lot of gaps.

29 July, 2004 - Anthony "Anton" Kaiser and family have been located in page to be created.

20 July, 2004 - The old Jenkins farm has most likely been located. A volunteer will be visiting the site
to see if a structure still stands, discover exact location, etc.

July, 2004 - Somehow over the course of several months, the online family tree file was corrupted and is not transferrable.
Luckily, I had a backup from late last year. I had added approximately 500 individuals since that point,
so I have a lot of work to do to catch up. I will not miss any of the vital info I entered in notes section.
I also removed two huge tree merges that were once apart of the tree - I think these were the culprits. Now only information I
have personally entered will remain in the family tree.
It will no longer be updated online however as I am using offline software from now on...and backing up more often!

15 July, 2004 - The Daniel Jenkins farm may have been successfully located with the help of Sandy Gilmore Sheppard...more to follow.

15 July, 2004 - Abraham Jenkins (son of Daniel G. Jenkins), his wife, and two children were finally tracked down.
They did not move back to Virginia as originally thought. They stayed in Anderson County, Tennessee.
Their tombstone photos and death certs will be ordered...though no certs on the
parents as TN did not require them at the time of their death. Hopefully there will be obituaries that can be retreived.
Another note - Both of the children of Abraham and Hannah (Edward and Carrie Blanche) unfortunately did not have children.
Edward I believe never married and Blanche married after she was 50 years old. I believe they both died in the 1950's.

15 July, 2004 - Thomas McCall and his wife Rose Riley's marriage certificate has been located in Blackburn, Lancashire, England!
They married in 1857. There is an annoying process of actually obtaining the license, but
I will eventually send for it.

2004 - It is believed Peter P. Martin, his wife Laura Ann Brown, and possibly other Martin kin are buried
in "La Patera Cemetery" in Santa Barbara, California. The Santa Barbara Genealogical Society is in the
process of researching the cemetery and transcribing any available stones.
From what I know, there are only a few stones, the cemetery is not well kept, BUT there is an associated church that may have records.
I actually wrote to the church not too long ago to request info. We'll see what info can be gleaned from them.

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