Merckel Family of Haguenau, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France and other locations in Alsace.

My line - Laurent Merckel (b.c. 1600) > Jean-Georges Merckel > Matthias Merckel >
Mathias Merckel > Joannes Merckel > Marie-Elisabethe Merckel AKA Marie-Elisabethe Ziliox

Baptisms and Marriages

1716 - Mathias Merckel Marriage

1726 - Joannes Merckel Birth

1749 - Marie-Elisabethe Merckel Birth

Tombstone Images

Jean Georges Merckel Tombstone - Front

Jean Georges Merckel Tombstone - Back

Other Image

Merckel Family Crest

Many thanks to Antoine Merkel for information including the family crest and tombstones of Jean Georges.
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