Sparks Family

My line - Zachariah Sparks > William Sparks (1772) > Zachariah Sparks > Stephen Sparks > Elizabeth Lourana Climentina Sparks

Individual Photos

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick nee Sparks
Old photo of her by house. She was the wife of Isaac Fitzpatrick.
This photo was probably taken in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Laurania Mary Sparks nee Fitzpatrick
Old photo of her circa 1880. She was living in Missouri at this time.

Tombstone Image

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (nee Sparks) and Ruth Jenkins
Buried in Lone Star Cemetery, Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Census Images

1790 Federal Census

1800 Federal Census

1820 Federal Census

1830 Federal Census I

1830 Federal Census II

1830 Federal Census III

1830 Federal Census IV

1840 Federal Census I

1840 Federal Census II

1850 Federal Census I

1850 Federal Census II
1850 Federal Census, Davis County, Iowa. Includes: Stephen Sparks, Mary Sparks,
John W. Sparks, Elizabeth L. Sparks, William W. Sparks, and Jacob Z. Sparks.

1850 Federal Census III
Includes: Zachariah Sparks, Temperance Sparks, Amzerah Sparks, Malinda Sparks, Matilda Sparks,
Jane Sparks, Martha Sparks, Franklin Brown, and Edward Brown. 51st District, Livingston County, Missouri.

1860 Federal Census

Sparks 1870 Federal Census I
Includes: Mary Sparks and William Sparks. Monroe (Bluff City), Livingston County, Missouri.

1870 Federal Census II
Includes: Lucinda J. Sparks, James Henry Sparks, and Lewis Sparks. Monroe (Bluff City), Livingston County, Missouri.

1880 Federal Census
Includes: Mary Sparks and James H. Sparks. Osage, Bates County, Missouri.

Biographical and genealogical history of Wayne, Fayette, Union and Franklin Counties, Indiana pg. 896-898
Include detailed histories of Palmer and Sparks families

Page 896

Page 897

Page 898

Other Image

Stephen Sparks (10 October, 1856 Land Patent - Putnam County, Missouri)

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